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About W-film

Since 2000, W-film has been distributing films that are artistically valuable and have an important message. In doing so, we dedicate ourselves to the next generation of filmmakers in Germany and other European countries, bring award-winning film art to the cinema and create discussion with strong documentary films. Our portfolio now includes some 200 short films, 65 documentaries and 30 feature films. Our selection is open to all genres and art forms. The decisive factor for us is the quality of the films: the creative use of image and sound, stories and current topics that allow an authentic and new view of social structures. And we are convinced that films make a difference in the cinema!

On 30 October 2019, W-film received the BKM Distribution Prize 2019 for special achievements in the distribution of artistically outstanding films. The award-winning distribution programme 2018 was convincing with, among other things, the dedicated green documentaries "Seed: The Untold Story" and "Guardians of the Earth", Philip Gröning's uncompromising masterpiece "My Brother's Name Is Robert and He Is an Idiot", the lightning-fast directing debut "Maybe, Baby!" by Julia Becker, Stanislaw Mucha's Siberian roguish play "Kolyma" and the audience success "Hannah: Buddhism's Untold Journey".

W-film is a member of AG Verleih, Filmbüro NW and AG Kino.


Stephan Winkler

Managing Director
mail (@) wfilm.de
Phone: +49 221 222 1980


Malte Laibacher

Cinema Scheduling Trainee
malte.laibacher (@) wfilm.de
Telefon: +49 221 2221980


Lara Fee Matheis

Marketing Trainee
larafee.matheis (at) wfilm.de
Telefon: +49 221 8300 8350


Walyar Babak

walyar.babak (@) wfilm.de
Phone: +49 221 222 1993

About cine-connect

W-film works together with the agency cine-connect in the areas of press, marketing, cinema scheduling and post-production.


Senta Koske

Head of Press, Media Cooperation
senta.koske (@) cineconnect.com
Phone: +49 221 222 1992


Nathanael Brohammer

Press, Media Cooperation
nathanael.brohammer (@) wfilm.de
Phone: +49 221 989 42630 


Katrin Glados

Marketing, Social Media
katrin.glados (@) cineconnect.com
Phone: +49 221 8300 8350


Isabella Flucher

Cinema Scheduling
isabella.flucher (@) wfilm.de
Phone: +49 221 222 1991


Melissa Jorga

Post-production, Grafik Design, Content Manager
melissa.jorga (@) wfilm.de
Phone: +49 221 98942632


Marc Clausen

Digital Distribution
marc.clausen (@) cineconnect.com 
Phone: +49 221 98942631